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San diego carbon dating

The ranch is the last undeveloped, privately owned Mexcian land grant left in the United States.The pictographs are in an area of the property that’s an hours drive from the nearest paved road.

Freers and Hedges have also recommended that experts assess the area and search for signs of a village.“Usually villages are associated with rock art within a quarter mile,” Freers said.The Native Americans distaste for that.”A report prepared by Freers and Hedges says speculation that the figure could be a Spanish soldier is “plausible.”They said the drawings could be analogous to Kumeyaay paintings in Baja California determined to have been painted around the same time the Conquistadors would have been around.“The hand implement could be a sword raised in dramatic display,” they write in the report, and note that the body started out as a stick figure but was broadened in the torso area, possibly to give the impression of armor.Both men have strongly recommend that further studies be done on the drawings to verify their origin.They also sometimes see protesters carrying Geiger-counters, pointing them at [CLASSIFIED], and getting angry.(One example of this in San Diego) In most cases like this, the user has failed to determine the corrected counts per minute (CCPM) by subtracting the normal background radiation of the environment. KATE Don've be silly, nuclear power is very safe. KATE The ' RTG' is the size of a hockey puck and it can't possibly blow up. KATE If I come home with three boobs, you can't see any of them!

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Many skeptics believe that the kingdoms of David and Solomon did not exist because of the paucity of archeological evidence from that era.

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