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On one occasion I was in Detroit, and there was a rapper named Jewell trying to break around the same time. I walked out, the whole gymnasium chanting, "Jew-ell! She's an ugly girl, do you want to kick in her face? I remember trying to count: Between radio station visits where I played for listeners who'd won a chance to come in, local record stores (remember those?

I remember using the restroom, and as I was in the stall, I could hear one girl saying, "I'm so excited! I love the way that girl raps." Insert record screeching to a halt. ), opening for someone in the evening, doing my own coffee shop show at midnight, and then one more at a high school at 9 a.m., I probably averaged six shows and often two cities a day, driving zigzag through a state to cover as much territory as I could. There were many comical moments where I locked my guitar in the car, or my stoner surfer driver-friend drove us to the wrong city while I slept, but boy did I learn the ropes.

I think I was wearing purple polyester pants with a black T-shirt and a tacky belt with a rainbow buckle that I loved. For some reason, when people saw me sing, they had a stronger reaction than when they just heard me sing.

Soon after this performance I went home to Alaska for a short rest.

Atlantic thought up crazy schemes to get me in front of people.I had to settle out for myself, which means getting paid by the promoter and getting my piece of any merch sales.I was cheap, cheap, cheap, and every time someone at the label said, Conan O'Brien and his team always had a fondness for new music and I found myself booked on the show.I swallowed my pride and made it my job to make the best of any situation, to make people listen, and to make them remember me.And I tasked myself with making sure I didn't compromise on integrity or artistry. Never once did I phone one performance in, or accept being treated as background music, no matter how hard the gig was to conquer.

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