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The Foundation's Transitional Youth Development Grant Program provides grants to organizations that offer in-depth, long-term investments and opportunities for motivated, low-income youth.

Priority is given to organizations that work in the areas of mentorship, high school completion, college and post-secondary preparation, and experiential education.

Demographer Sharon Sassler, working with coauthors Katherine Michelmore and Jennifer Holland, shows in a new Long-term consequences of adolescent parenthood among African-American urban youth: A propensity score matching approach Socioeconomic consequences of teenage parenting among African-Americans from disadvantaged background seem to be primarily concentrated in women and persist throughout adulthood.

A growing body of research suggests that this can actually be a good thing.

How disagreements are handled at home shapes both adolescent mental health and the overall quality of the parent-teenager relationship.

Escobedo loves her son but says she paid dearly for her “bad decisions.” She struggled to get health care coverage, to pay bills while working as a cashier and to further her education.

Now 27, she is in a higher-paying job as an office manager, has health insurance through her employer and lives with a sister in a house her parents own. She dreams of going back to college and becoming a teacher, but she doesn’t know when that might be.

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They are: 1) social skills, 2) communication skills, 3) higher order thinking skills, 4) self-control, and 5) a positive self-concept. Findings from the 2014 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children survey (HBSC) show that relationships with family, school, peers, and community play a critical role in the health of young people.