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Sex dating in ghana com

In the part of Ghana where I grew up, education about sexuality was the limiting factor.Young women and girls lacked access to even the most basic information about reproductive health.Earlier this year, I helped launch a youth-led initiative called My Teen Life, to give young people a voice in how we talk about sexuality in rural parts of Ghana.Thanks to the generous support of the Global Changemakers initiative in Switzerland, this project is off to a promising start.The subject was not taught in schools, owing to “cultural sensitivities.” Parents and educators were not much help, either; many believed that talking about sex with children would cause them to be more promiscuous.

To date, My Teen Life has reached more than 100 teenagers and their families, and a first group of teen mothers has been trained to make jewelry and slippers to generate income.

In our small way, My Teen Life is reaching out, effectively, to young people.

We are helping them learn and understand what happens as they grow, and how best to make decisions that will set their future course in life.

LABADI, GHANA – Education about sexuality and reproductive health is a serious political issue in many Western countries.

Elections are won or lost on topics like abortion and “family” values.

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According to a recent survey by the US-based Guttmacher Institute, 43% of girls, and 27% of boys, engaged in sexual intercourse before their 20 birthday.