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Sex dating in ilkeston derbyshire

They have a daughter, Sydney, 22, an aspiring actress.Lindsay recognises his shortcomings as a father to Sydney.He was briefly married to Cheryl Hall, who appeared with him on the show.He went on to win a Bafta and Tony Award for his work.I emerged a new person.’ The psychiatrist asked Lindsay if he had a ‘problem with women’.

Before ­Rosemarie, Lindsay, who is 60, had a long-term relationship with actress Diana Weston.Actor Robert Lindsay has a reputation for being chippy and defensive.Once he declined a personal invitation to dine with the former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher: it takes a special brand of temerity to do that.‘She says I behaved badly, but I was too bound up with myself to realise,’ he says.‘Diana told me, “You’ve got a problem” and off I went to see a Harley Street shrink.

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An elderly Katharine Hepburn, smitten by his performance in Me And My Girl on Broadway, invited him out for ­dinner.