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I was aroused to the point of oozing pre-cum from the tip of my cock and could not help myself by slowly hand wanking my tiny white cock.The big black boys were still half asleep in their lustful stupor.The warmth of the sun induced day dreaming and we semi dosed off, four naked teen boys lying in the sun on the banks of an African river.No, there were no crocodiles or hippos to worry us.We followed suit and soon the entire "gang" was lying in the sun drying off.I was in the middle with Thembu on one side of me and Josi on the other side, an Oreo situation, black on both sides, white in the middle.Thembu was the first to remove his shorts and jump in the water. As teenage boys we all frolicked nude in the clear river water removing the mud and letting the water cool our overheated bodies.It wasn't long before the horse play started, grabbing and ducking, and making attempts to grope the other boys cocks under the water.

My little white circumcised cock was also getting very stiff, growing to about 4 inches long at full erection and a little thicker than a thumb.My reply was that I did not have their strong build.The mud soon dried and we decided to jump in the pool in the river to wash off the mud, swim and literally just chill in the midday sun.I had to sit up to get a better view of these three big black cocks glistening in the African sun as they continued to grow in size assisted by hand stimulation.The movement of my sitting up must have woken them. Here Ill put mine next to yours." His 8 inch cock shadowed my small 4 inch white offering and contrasted, his being blood darkened black and mine a pale insipid white. Elias and Josi presented their erections for me to feel and fondle.

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As a group we were getting each other very aroused.

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