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Many other colour variations were found with each being given a Shetlandic name.These helped identification of individual sheep kept extensively in township grazings, ‘scattalds’.Presumably, sheep arrived before these early dates and it is believed sheep were first widespread across Gansu-Qinghai sometime between 56 BP, and on the central Plains of China by 4500-4000 BP.While early remains of sheep have been reported for several sites in China, the usually fragmentary and incomplete nature of those remains has tended to limit whether domesticated animals can be distinguished from wild varieties.Previous workers have speculated that sheep may have been present in China up to 7000 years ago, however many claims are based on associations with archaeological material rather than independent dates on sheep material.Here we present 7 radiocarbon dates on sheep bone from Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Shaanxi provinces.

Here we identified sheep bone palaeontologically from sites in northern Shaanxi Province, and confirmed the identification of Ovis with DNA analysis on one sample.In the course of this, several bone samples were collected from sediment at Shihushan, Dongxiafeng and Youyao in northern Shaanxi, and Haba Lake in Ningxia (Figure 1).The bones were removed from clayey sediment and transported to Xi'an for identification.Kept as hefted flocks grazing the hills and cliffs, their wool must have been critical for clothing.The sails of the Viking galleys, which crossed the oceans exploring new lands, were woven out of wool.

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The graphitisised bone collagen had δ, but domesticated sheep are thought to have arrived several millennia after they were first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent region of Western Asia e.g. They were valuable sources of meat and probably milk and milk products, and the hides were useful for leather.

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