Shiksa dating

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Jamie is facing temptation from other women, especially now his career as a writer has escalated (“A Miracle Would Happen”).Cathy, meanwhile, is auditioning for a role(“When You Come Home to Me”).

Jamie speaks to Cathy on the phone, trying to convince her that there is nothing going on with him and his editor, Elise.A younger Cathy is in the car with Jamie, who is going to meet her parents.She tells him about her past relationships and hopes not to end up in a small town life like her friend from high school (“I Can Do Better Than That”). Near the end of the relationship Jamie wakes up beside another woman (“Nobody Needs to Know”).He tries to defend his actions and blames Cathy for destroying his privacy and their relationship.Jamie promises not to lie to this woman and tells her that “I could be in love with someone like you,” just as he does to Cathy in “Shiksa Goddess.” Cathy is ecstatic after her first date with Jamie. She proclaims that she has been waiting for Jamie her whole life.

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He accuses her of being unsupportive of his career just because hers is failing.