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This post provides an example of how you can perform view related actions in response to a change to an existing dependency property, in this case the Text Block.

Text property, and how you can determine which action to take based on the difference between the old value and current value of this dependency property.

Here is a quick set of steps to make tightly coupled code-behind more MVVM-friendly.

The command sets the public property on the view model that’s bound to the new dependency property.Binding inside your user control isn’t exactly obvious either.The reason is, you get an error when you attempt to set the data context of the user control.Often times when working in WPF and Silverlight we have to perform some action in code-behind that cannot be uncoupled from the view and put in the view model.For instance, a command may affect multiple properties on a UI control or a property may not support binding.

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Conversely, user controls cannot be templated as the XAML is embedded. Net developer then you will likely start with simple CLR properties. Like this: Setting such a property is a snap, and it works just fine. A data binding target MUST be a dependency property.

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