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A psychoanalyst is accepted as an expert on all of human history, not to mention physics, astronomy, and mythology, even though his claims are inconsistent with everything known in all four fields..."Henci Goer and Ina May Gaskin have no training in their supposed areas of "expertise".

Marsden Wagner is a pediatrician and Michel Odent is a general surgeon, yet they are touted as experts on birth even though obstetricians disagree with them.9.

To pseudoscience, this means jello cures headaches...

This phenomenon, called subjective validation, is one of the foundations of popular support for pseudoscience..."Can you say "birth story"? "Pseudoscience always avoids putting its claims to a meaningful test.

Further, where a pseudoscientist claims to have done an experiment with a remarkable result, he himself never repeats it to check his results and procedures..."A corollary to this is also often found in homebirth advocacy, the claim that the authors "hasn't had time" to publish the results.

Professional homebirth advocates are also very careful never to appear in any venue where they could be questioned by scientific peers, yet they speak extensively at gatherings of laypeople.5.

He is good at one thing, which he has been doing at the highest level for barely twelve months.For example, homebirth advocates routinely claim that the US does poorly on measures of obstetric care (false), that Cytotec was used "experimentally" for labor induction (false) or that homebirth is "as safe as life gets" (only if life is filled with easily preventable infant deaths).Cory points out that pseudoscientists rarely revise their books even though new scientific studies are constantly published.Pseudoscientists never carry out careful, methodical experiments themselves ... If one pseudoscientist claims to have done an experiment other pseudoscientist ever tries to duplicate it or to check him,..

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Williams Obstetrics has been through 3 editions (20th, 21st and 22nd) since Henci Goer published "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" which represents itself as an analysis of the scientific evidence, yet she has not revised it.2. and then looks only for items which appear to support it. [T]he aim of pseudoscience is to rationalize strongly held beliefs, rather than to investigate or to test alternative possibilities.

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  1. but that they should follow the principles of academic honesty and cite or reference their sources, wherever they come from (it's very easy to do as well).