Speed dating events in fresno ca

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Speed dating events in fresno ca

"Austin Idol did not have his shoes on in the plane," recalled Woods from his Charlotte home.

I remember thinking I've got all these wrestlers in front of me, if we crash in this water, I'll never get past them and get out.

When Austin Idol told me about that that was the first thing that went through my mind. The pilot had a big briefcase with some airplane manuals in it.

I grabbed that and put it under my feet because I didn't have time to get my shoes on." "I knew we were going down, there was no question of that," continued Woods. The controls levelled the plane out and that was about it.

Had the guy not panicked, they could have landed safely." "It was a beautiful day. None of us knew he had dumped fuel (before taking off)." As the plane began to drop, several thoughts raced through Crockett's mind.

"I kept on wondering why were we trying to get to Wilmington, why couldn't we land in some place like Fayetteville (N. C.) instead of still trying to go all the way to Wilmington.

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"At the time I was scared to death," Crockett recently told SLAM!