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Speeddating glasgow

If you have the choice between having a meeting or interview in person or through video, you should always choose to meet in person. Because the impression you make over video may automatically be more negative.

A study by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that, although people who met another person over video were able to assess their personality traits as accurately as they could when meeting them in person, the impressions they got from watching videos were much more negative, Science Daily reported.

A great energiser for teams who already know each other well – as a way of uncovering new facts about each other – or for newly formed teams to learn something about their colleagues. Then hand around the box and ask each person to take a chocolate – without looking – and respond to the question that relates to the chocolate they picked out.

A physical energiser that will get your team off their seats. A good way of injecting a physical activity if your team need an uplift. Get a box of Celebrations, Heroes or any sort that has a number of different chocolates inside. Go round as many times as you like – or until you’ve had enough chocolates. A great energiser for new teams to get to know each other, or as an alternative way of doing team updates.

Ask your team to write down the name of two people in the room on a post-it note, and not let anyone else see it. Tell them their goal is to be equidistant at all times from the two names they wrote down. Before you start, give each type of chocolate a question. You could try mixing up the questions to include work topics as a way of doing individual updates differently. A very quick physical energiser and a good one to bond teams or get them working better together.

For example, if you’re using Heroes it could be Dairy Milk: what’s your favourite film? For example, ‘What’s the team you most enjoyed working with? You will need an even number of people, so you might not be able to join in.

A study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found a significant correlation between people looking while they spoke and how others judged their intelligence.

Interviews and public speaking engagements are nerve-wracking, but if you can look up and make eye contact, it can totally change the way others see you — no pun intended.

This means following the age-old advice of dressing appropriately for the occasion, and making sure you look put together and well groomed. "Watch your tone" may sound like a command from a frustrated parent, but it's actually very important advice for making a good first impression.

I recently met up with a friend who told me how tired she was of her team meetings and away days.

Every time she got her team together, she found herself using the same format and the same approach, leading – not surprisingly – to practically the same discussion each time.

Students listening to the recordings were "asked to rank the voice according to 10 personality traits, including trustworthiness, dominance, attractiveness and warmth," Science reported.

Women who alternated the pitch of their voices as they spoke were considered more trustworthy by listeners, as were men who raised the tone of their voices, researchers found.

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The study had participants meet each other either during a 3-minute speed-dating-style interview or by watching a video of the other person.

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