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Consequently, as the picture of the overall rock record emerged, and discontinuities and similarities in one place were cross-correlated to those in others, it became useful to subdivide the overall geologic record into a series of component sub-sections representing different sized groups of layers within known geologic time, from the shortest time span stage to the largest thickest strata eonothem and time spans eon.Concurrent work in other natural science fields required a time continuum be defined, and earth scientists decided to coordinate the system of rock layers and their identification criteria with that of the geologic time scale.molluscs, foraminifera, conodonts, fish teeth and calcareous algae) throughout the Phanerozoic.It is also possible to use whole rock samples (carbonates, dolomitised carbonates and evaporites) for analysis providing any diagenesis was early.This is to say that in a given location, the geologic record can be and is quite often interrupted as the ancient local environment was converted by geological forces into new landforms and features.Sediment core data at the mouths of large riverine drainage basins, some of which go 7 miles (11 km) deep thoroughly support the law of superposition.Correcting for discordancies can be done in a number of ways and utilizing a number of technologies or field research results from studies in other disciplines.In this example, the study of layered rocks and the fossils they contain is called biostratigraphy and utilizes amassed geobiology and paleobiological knowledge.

Strontium isotope stratigraphy is now an established technique which provides a numerical age related to a global scale based on the Sr ratio of past seawaters.This gives the pairing between the physical layers of the left column and the time units of the center column in the table at right. You can access it via the link below or through any 'help' button in the application.whole rock samples (carbonates, dolomitised carbonates and evaporites) for analysis providing any diagenesis was early.Non-oceanic environments will of course give rise to atypical Sr ratios which will differ from the global seawater strontium standard.

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