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Swath and dating

The American pika is a rotund, mountain-dwelling relative of rabbits, famous for adorably darting around with mouthfuls of grass and wildflowers.

After Level-0 processing at EDOS, the Goddard Space Flight Center Earth Sciences Distributed Active Archive Center (GES DAAC) produces the Level 1A, Level 1B, geolocation and cloud mask products."We found old pika fecal pellets buried in sediment in nearly every patch of habitat we searched," Stewart says."But the animals themselves were conspicuously absent." Pikas definitely once lived there, so to figure out when they disappeared, the researchers relied on radiocarbon dating. Their findings suggest pikas vanished from many lower-elevation sites around Mount Pluto before 1955, but held out near the mountain's peak until as recently as 1991."There's still time to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument is operating on both the Terra and Aqua spacecraft.

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These time steps are possible in the generation of MODIS Land products: The high level MODIS Land Products distributed from LP DAAC are produced at four nominal spatial resolutions: 250-meter, 500-meter, 1000-meter, and 5600-meter (0.05 degrees).

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  1. Saturday will mark the 83 meeting between the two schools with Floyd of Rosedale on the line (for those who don’t know, Floyd is a glorious 98 pound trophy of a pig that’s awarded to the Iowa-Minnesota winner each year).

  2. Not only is the Observatory fascinating in itself, the views out over L. are breathtaking, sure to add a little romance to your date night. Movie fans are bound to find something that appeals from their eclectic selection of outdoor screenings, held all throughout the summer.