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Whether it’s Snap, Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS or others - messaging apps are now central to our kids’ daily communications and their connections to the world.Just as we’ve started to get used to all of the new ways that our families communicate, we now need to spend some time understanding who they are communicating with. In fact, the total active users each month on messaging platforms now exceeds the number of active users on social media.Chat Bots offer seamless capability, ease of use, convenience and an ability to be connected in a more conversational and direct way.Bots offermore than we have seen with other channels for communication.Remembering that kids need to know they are accountable for how they communicate online.

The chatbot industry is still early and we applaud these brands for being pioneers in the space: These 50 brand use cases for chatbots are just the beginning of the innovative messaging revolution.

Instead of pushing buttons on a website or mobile app, you can get things done simply by chatting with a chatbot and asking questions naturally like “What movies are playing tonight? ” To answer this question, we surveyed TOPBOTS subscribers, conducted user interviews, and tested every single bot ourselves to discover which brand chatbots are delighting users.

Through this search, we identified over 50 brands driving the innovative use of chatbots.

We never want kids (or adults) to not know who they are talking to online.

In the best case scenario, all Bot engineers and developers will embrace the ethical responsibility to make sure they are being used the way they are intended.

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