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The video was largely circulated on Snapchat, Fox4now reported, which is supposed to only allow viewers to see a video or image once before it's deleted - but some managed to save it to their devices.

'I know there's a lot of problems with professional athletes and this is where it starts, right here.

The girl's mom brought her to Estrem for help after saving her daughter.

The child had been placed in multiple treatment programs, none of which dealt with the trauma of the sexual abuse she had experienced.

But others said they trust the school district to handle the situation "I trust them to take care of it,” one woman said.

“I really do think that that is their job and they will take care of it." The sheriff's office said the girl's mother is not planning to press charges.

A video of the May 17 incident, which took place at South Fort Myers High School, was circulated online and 16 boys at have been disciplined by school authorities, although Scott is the first to face criminal charges, said.“Like the teachers are really on top of all of that." Students said the entire thing was filmed and then posted on social media."There's girls that saw the video once and it hurt, it is just so disturbing to them," student Casey Winn said.A school district official said the students involved have been disciplined.A Florida woman has been charged with engaging in sexual activity with her pit bull, according to cops who found photos of the canine encounters stored on the suspect’s cell phone.

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UPDATE: Mom says girl recorded having sex in school bathroom was victim of human trafficking FORT MYERS, Fla.

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