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The woman who had made the arrangements destroyed all of her documents. The woman forced her to work as a prostitute on the streets of Bangkok.

Many downtown Bangkok streets are lined with women, shifting from one foot to the other, whispering to passers-by, hoping to attract their next customer.

She helps her younger sister bake bread and care for the family.

She is determined to express how much her life has improved since Bangkok. I only remember the kind people that helped me and the friends I made.

It's nearly 10pm and Umida* is cooking dinner - a simple meal of rice and meat for the 11 members of her household who have been stuck inside the house all day due to Uzbekistan's intense summer heat.

Since emerging as an independent nation in 1991, after nearly 200 years of Russian and then Soviet rule, Uzbekistan has slowly seen some economic progress.

Neelapaichit, the Human Rights commissioner, agrees. "[Dealing with sex trafficking] is very challenging for Thailand.

"After I returned to my son, I found us a place to live.

BANGKOK, July 18 – A former Thai Buddhist monk wanted on child sex charges will be sent home from the United States to face trial, Thai police said on Tuesday, the latest scandal to raise questions about the state of Buddhism in a fast-changing society.

After a few months, Umida attempted to escape her trafficker, anxious to return home to her son.

She managed to convince one of her clients, who sympathised with her, to give her money for a return flight home.

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Her mother died in 2000, leaving her father, a builder, to care for his four children.

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