Top 10 most intimidating songs

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How could you get any worse than that its just terrible This really shows how metal and rock really speaks and is truly a musical art.While mainstream ass artists talk about their meaningless crap, Jonathan Davis sang about this. It's something that really happened and it's a shame but I'm positive more and more people know about this.And between his "school's out for EVER" snarl, his sinister dripping eyeliner, and his snakes-as-apparel, the term "shock rocker" was practically coined just for him.

These are some of the scariest songs I have ever heard.No one wanted to face these guys, and for good reason. Also Ranked #12 on Athletes Who Spark the Most Fan Arguments #52 on The Best Athletes of All Time #8 on The Funniest Professional Athletes #4 on The Best Heavyweight Boxers of All Time When you're considered the greatest of all time, it usually means you had a certain way of carrying yourself and intimidating other players, and that's exactly what Michael Jordan did.While he wasn't a big man who banged bodies down low, Jordan was arguably the most competitive athlete ever, pushing both himself and others to get the best out of their abilities - and he nearly always came out on top because of it. Showing a rare ability to jump and swat passes, bulldoze through blocks to get to the passer, or get to the outside with tremendous speed, Watt is a throwback to when players were all about one thing, playing football with no excuses.Also Ranked #4 on Athletes Who Spark the Most Fan Arguments #1 on The Greatest Shooting Guards in NBA History #1 on The Top NBA Players Of All Time #1 on The Best Athletes of All Time Hands-down, the best defender in the NFL right now, Houston Texans defensive end J. Also Ranked #20 on The Greatest Defenders in NFL History #25 on The Best Football Players Ever #28 on The Greatest Defensive Tackles of All Time #3 on The Athletes That Millennials Love the Most Ray Lewis might just be the best middle linebacker in the history of the NFL - and he used passion, grit, and skill to get there.Winning two Super Bowls during his career, Lewis made sure opposing players didn't try coming into his area, because he often knocked the snot out of them or made another big play.

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The key phrase is “as far as I know.” Though I found this exercise in closer-song-finding fun, I know very little about which songs closers actually use.