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Conference rates can be found on the CHI 2011 web site.

Only those who have had position papers accepted can attend the workshop.

At that time, you will be given an opportunity to indicate your residence preference. Jerome’s residence, you should rank us number one on the online residence ranking form.

Jerome's offers its students a wide range of courses informed by the latest scholarly research and supports their educational efforts with academic counselling, scholarships and bursaries, administrative services, library resources, information technology, and residences. Jerome's is also the centre for a vibrant Catholic community serving the campus and the region. Jerome's University, is a vibrant, dynamic community, solidly rooted to the past, entrepreneurial and leading-edge today, strongly committed to the future.

We are just beginning to learn what's possible when we harness the crowd in human-computer interaction.

The goal of this workshop is to stake out a research agenda for our field.

Lifestyle is an extremely important factor for those faced with the decision of choosing a community in which to live, work and play.

Recognizing the inherent problems of larger cities, many are choosing smaller scale, greener alternatives.

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Jerome’s University will be given preference for a spot in the SJU residence if they select SJU as their first choice.

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