Updating gridview row

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Updating gridview row

This can be achieved by setting the property Allow Client Editing to true without the need to define Template Columns.

In this task, you will discover the new strongly-typed bindings available in ASP. One downside with the above approaches is that the calls to Eval() and Bind() are late-bound - meaning you pass strings to represent the property names.In the request validation area, improvements have been made to make it easier to selectively turn off request validation for specific parts of your applications or read invalidated request data.Some improvements have been made to Web Forms server controls to take advantage of new features of HTML5: In the official ASP.NET Web Control' Code | Emailing the Rendered Output of an ASP. NET Web Forms introduces a number of improvements focused on improving user experience when working with data.

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You can now annotate your model classes with validation attributes from the System. Data Annotations namespace and request that all your site controls validate user input using that information.

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