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This will make sure that you at least have a hard backup of the project, and this may be more effective as you're not trying to run two programs at once (as i Movie is transferring to i DVD).

This is key as your system may not have enough RAM to do two high-end processes at once (I don't know your system, so this is only an assumption).

I also bought another book "i Movie 6 & i DVD: The Missing Manual" which is written by David Pogue.

This book by Jeff Carlson looks like it is quicker to go through where almost every page has a bulleted how-to-do-it with tips visual format. If you want a meatier book with much more details, then David Pogue's missing manual book is better.

Six months later it is not allowing me to further add anything to the project, and i Movie keeps crashing on me. I have now tried at least 3 times to export project to i DVD to burn this disk, and after two hours of supposed copying; I come back to my computer to find out i Movie I would start by checking out Software Update to make sure that there are not any current updated for i Movie '09.

I would then just try to export the project in a resolution of your choice to the desktop (or wherever you prefer), and just use Disk Utility to burn it from there.

3 - Right-click on your project file (located in the Movies folder in your Home folder) and select "Show packaged contents" 4 - Look for any Render folders inside the project, and delete every file inside this folder.

Jeff Carlson is the author of all editions of the i Movie: Visual Quick Start Guide and Making a Movie with i Movie and i DVD: Visual Quick Project Guide.

These are good steps if the crash has been fixed in a newer version sadly, the crash can also be a result of a corrupt project and restoring that from a backup or re- cutting the project from the footage often is the practical solution in this case. I don't know if that's still the case for i Movie'09 and I don't have it at my desk.

i Movie is an introductory video editing application, yet still includes many additional features such as ready-to-use themes, transitions, and slides to help make your video look polished and professional.

i Movie ‘11 projects are mostly compatible with Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X, but not vice versa.

You could try to browse your i Movie project from the Finder, delete all the rendered files (transitions, titles, filters). If it didn't break everything, i Movie will recalculate the render clips.

Maybe the disc burning process is failing to process and burn one of those clips.

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After everything is ready, click on the “Burn” button to select the output file format as well as the location for your DVD.

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