Updating sabayon 3 2

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Updating sabayon 3 2

Although, this time I had to use option iocharset=utf8 to get Russian characters recognised. That process took significant time (I was writing other parts of this post in the meantime), but also put lots of pressure on my processor. Entropy Store itself worked very slow after update too.The fact that mounting went OK proves that Samba client is included in the default distribution package. VLC player took lots of dependencies to activate/update, then requested licences to be accepted. You may see this labeled as “advanced,” but don’t let that scare you.It’s there because you have to be a bit mindful with the eggs.That's why I can't tell whether MP3 codecs are included or not. I know now that Sabayon Linux is better than I though about it earlier. But Sabayon still requires more tweaking than I would like to make.

I got multiple comments for that post, and some of them looked very helpful. Many distributions I have tried so far failed to activate this Wi Fi card. I spent quite a lot of time trying to make this Wi Fi card working. Another reader gave me a clue about modprobe command. In order to activate Broadcom 4311 on Sabayon XFCE, I had to use command That is all! Although, I still have a question to developers: why do I need to run this command at all? Connection of my external network drive was easy task in terminal. In order to unmute, I had to click icon with speaker on the bottom dock, and then add PCM item to the Playback tab. MP3 files also did not play, but for another reason.

I managed to mount my local NTFS partition last time, and I did not need any iocharset parameters there. For whatever reason VLC installation also included updates of Samba, XFCE , Python, Linux kernel and tons of other software, 412 objects in total. Small but annoying problem in Sabayon XFCE is absence of Ctrl-C combination. I needed to make right click of the mouse to copy text.

Youtube videos staredt in Sabayon XFCE without need to install any Adobe Flash player. Not sure if all that was actually required, so behavior of Entropy Store in terms of dependencies is still not clear for me.

Please note that the OS is configured to boot automatically and start networking and the SSH daemon.

The username/password combination is sabayon/sabayon, and sudo is enabled by default.

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The developers of the Gentoo-based Sabayon GNU/Linux operating system have announced a new project, called Sabayon ARM, which aims to bring the distro to Raspberry Pi devices.

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