Vb net row validating

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Vb net row validating

Also it does not include Purchase Orders with Past Due Request Dates as Supply, and therefore the expected receipt of these PO quantities does not increase the availability calculation.JDE will not "Enhance" this application until ERP9 and therefore I have had it modified on the last 3 implementations I have consulted on.Below are archived posts from the Mr Excel Message Board about Microsoft Excel VBA.You will find lots of tips and tutorials for using visual basic in Excel.If you process the relevant Expedite Msg in P3411 then P4021 should reflect the change and the shortage is averted. It is good but you need experience to interpret it the right way. I am not sure about validating one MRP with another in practice!It would mean running MRP very often which isn't practical.

it will also tend to show incorrect quantity available when MRP is also suggesting changes to WO quantities for higher level assemblies.

Although Supply & Demand Inquiry (P4021) is one of the most used for DRP/MPS/MRP, it does not include all the necessary supply quantities required to validate a Planning Run (R3483).

For example it does not include Held inventory in the On Hand row, even if it is likely that is will be good and therefore should be considered in the availability calculation.

My folks also had a lot of issues with MRP screens Message Detail P3411 and Time Series P3413.

The messages can get gawd-awful confusing, with wild combinations of increase/decrease/expedite/defer/order/cancel messages, all on the same item.

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Vertical report by date, with unadjusted and adjusted supply columns, a column for the net difference, adjusted dependent demand column, indep demand column and unadjusted/adjusted ending-available columns. I agree that the Supply & Demand Inquiry and MRP messages can present different data in some situations.

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