Waii and junsu dating single female dating companion

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Waii and junsu dating

Then he called Jaebeom and said things like “You bastard, this went wrong cuz of you” and so on.Then Jaebeom would tell the members “We should try harder and do a better job” and they just joked around and refused to listen.He dated a new girl after that and is dating another one now.Whenever he says “I really really miss you” on his cyworld, its about a girl not Jay.Khun was kind of smiling too but we couldn’t really see and hear. they went into a room with girls who were known to be sluts.

The ones who are pretty actually get to sleep with their idols sometimes, if they get lucky.) These are all old fan accounts that were never revealed because the fans wanted to protect their idols’ images, but after the JYPE conference, they’re all coming out one by one.

while they were trainees, Taecyeon, Junho, Kwon and Jay went to a Korean restaurant together. even now he says that he gets teary thinking about jay.

Jay couldn’t eat anything because he still couldn’t adjust to the food here. Taec and Junho said “Why don’t you just let him starve? fans say that they dont even think kwon knew anything about this “scandal” obviously because there is no scandal.

How funny would he have found the fans who left comments like “We miss Jay too!

” Taecyeon brings his sasaeng fans home and sleeps with them.

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during a recording of a music show, a fan saw a rookie group being ignored by junsu. When Junho held seven fingers and the fans thought it was for Jay, he said “I was just holding the mic” Taecyeon responded to that saying “you guys [the fans] just created the whole story” Junho used to complain about Jaebeom using the whole closet and whatnot.