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Check out our column on behavior, training and canine concerns in the Rochester Women’s Magazine or online at – Posted using Blog Press from my i Phone of Mark Forrest Patrick CDT VA CCMT Location: Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp – Irondequoit Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp and Day Care is happy to announce TWO new mobile applications.

[Dog Training] [dog day care] [Rochester NY] [Dog] [Puppy] Winter has arrived in Rochester this week and with winter comes challenges in managing your pets care.

Project activities also included several more general Grass Gro® presentations demonstrating the ability to model enterprise type (wool, meat, beef), pasture performance systems and fertiliser strategies.

The Project delivered two timely Carbon Forums which attracted over 350 attendees and presented timely, factual information on climate change, soil carbon sequestration and emissions trading schemes.

After walking your dog be sure to wash their paws with warm water to remove the salt and road grime.

When you are out for a walk, take a try towel with you and if your dog stops and licks or raises their paws used the towel to clean off his/her paws.

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Safety is always a number one concern when walking your dog in the snow and ice.

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