Who is akanishi jin dating

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Who is akanishi jin dating

But it isn't as easy for a Japanese signed act to debut in Korea, as it is for a Korean act to debut in Japan.And as for Crystal making a go of it in the West, she'd need to consistently push more units and amass a larger following in Japan first. But it just is not happening, even though I love for it to. Bitch can't even keep up with Bo A's sales and popularity in Japan.She'd get slaughtered over in Korea like a goat in a Jamaican butcher shop.Several younger Morning Musume members have already married before Nakazawa, but now it’s finally her turn! Model and actress Yamada Yu (26) is the new brand spokesperson for Schick (women’s shavers) and she was on hand at a press conference on 2/22.She dressed as a flight attendant with a super short mini skirt that showed off her beautiful legs.

Johnny's said he's going to study abroad, but seriously.would believe that? Hello I spoke to a Japanese friend, apparently the management doesn't like his attitude and that they decided to stop his work for the meantime.

Also there was supposed to have been an argument between him and Kame over him debuting first...the story he's gone to LA to study English is probably a trip for him to cool down...Uchi (Kanjani8) was kept from public eye after underage drinking...although he's back as a trainee now...

i just saw Anego, he is one of the most good looking guys i have seen so far on tv, so it will be a shame to let this guy out of the entertainment world...i'm not very happy with anego's ending.they written a more happier ending.the special ep ..

So fastidious of her to appear at the camera, she's like mocking me amid that look! Well but you're not, why did you allow a agree with date along with her?

According to reports, Akanishi Jin's decision headed for study out of the country in because well because his alienation from KAT-TUN in were only made known en route for the members after the fact. I promised not to advise We were surprised as he absolute going in a foreign country to study," Kamanashi commented.

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When asked about her Valentine’s day with her boyfriend actor Oguri Shun (28), she replied, “We don’t celebrate it.” A shocked reporter asked if everything is okay in the relationship, to which Yamada answered with a smile, “It’s fine. ” If you remember it was reported late last year by a magazine that Oguri Shun was caught leaving a love hotel with a young model.