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Margera spent the 2000s in the limelight on the channel and later on the big screen for the trilogy. “Broke my foot in three different spots, and the broken tailbone was the most painful, because you can’t do anything for it. That was unbearable.” Unlike skateboarding, where the object is to land the trick, Margera said, was all about failing miserably. Serious pain was part of it, but for Margera, it often went darker.

During the Senate’s regular session, Villar said, The newbie senator voiced this out after receiving criticisms together with six other Senate majority members for not signing a resolution to call President Rodrigo Duterte to stop the killings, especially children, and minors as part of his administration’s war on drugs.

“The dumbest move I ever did was to tell them I’m terrified of snakes,” he said.

“All that means is, ‘Let’s get snakes on Bam.’ ” Alcohol seemed to help with everything for a while, Margera said, from the nerves to the pain to the grief he suffered from Dunn’s death.

We need to get dialogue.’ ” The most disturbing video of Margera is the most real, filmed by TV news crews near the Route 322 bypass in West Goshen Township on June 20, 2011, hours after Dunn’s Porsche left the road and burst into flames.

Dunn, Margera’s red-bearded jester, and Zachary Hartwell, a production assistant on the movie , died at the scene.

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Somewhere along the line, he became a guy who drank all day with people he didn’t really like. People go to rehab because drinking made them lose their job and their wife.