Who is zachary quinto dating

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Who is zachary quinto dating

I doubt anyone read this and had a life changing moment.It's still pretty rude, though, because Spacey has never publicly come out of the closet.Simpson said they were a couple, but then Rhodes denied it by saying "I am not gay…

This is another victim of one of Perez Hilton's lazy attempts at attention seeking.Also, even though it's dumb, being gay can effect what roles an actor is offered, so many stay in the closet for career reasons.Here are 20 celebrities that were outed against their will.This wasn't necessarily a well kept secret in the first place, but it was still a secret and Kevin Spacey's wishes should have been honored.Spacey isn't the first celebrity to get pulled out of the closet.

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There was speculation before, but the "La Vida Loca" singer was outed by his skincare expert, Ole Henriksen.

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