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Www datingathome com

If you were holed up alone at home on the sofa with Netflix and your cat for company, take heart, you're not as alone as you think you are!The number of single person households across the UK is increasing at a rate of 166,000 a year, whilst married couple households are now in the minority, accounting for just 47% of the population (1).I can’t afford her £9,000 a year membership fee, but she agrees to meet me for a consultation.Her success is perhaps because she applies the principles of business psychology to the dating game, urging clients to separate the shopping list of qualities they think they want (mine: 6ft , ambitious, foodie, not a douchebag) from the things they really need (patient, caring, funny, not a douchebag).She asks me a lot of questions - in depth stuff about my family, my upbringing, my core values, my past relationships and how I see my future ones.If I was one of her clients, she’d do this and two other meetings before even thinking about setting up a date. Chat flowed easily, neither of us looked at our watches until nearly 10pm when, starving, we decamped to a tiny Italian restaurant down the road.Steve overheard one of my female mates talking about the challenge at a charity football match, walked straight over and offered himself up.

Despite having a spreadsheet which maps out my entire 21 days, I’d been a bit lax and not got anything in writing for Saturday.

But for the first time since I began this challenge, I was nervous. He was sarcastic, witty and looked like an escaped member of One Direction (in a good way).

As I played with the stem of my glass, I found myself wondering if I could date someone three years younger than me.

She asks me my name, age, what I like in a guy and then sends me on my way with a mini pack of Love Hearts. Then the day before our date, I got a message that started with the words “I should warn you…” and my heart sank.

Apparently if I like a guy, I’m to give him a sweet. If she thinks I will like any of the guys, she’ll come and find me and set us up on a mini-date in a soulless anteroom (like a grown-up version of that ‘5 minutes in heaven’ game you played as a teenager).

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