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Yourcasualdating com

Is it possible for two people to only be compatible alone?

— Only Happy In Bed If your boyfriend is only tolerable when you’re horizontal, he acts like a jackass the rest of the time, and after only six months you’re already wondering if the relationship is worth pursuing, you’d probably be better off dumping the guy and finding someone you connect with as much outside the bedroom, rather than only between the sheets. It’s been great fun and I like him more and more each time I see him.

Today we discuss when a couple is only compatible in bed, when to tell a new significant other you’re against premarital sex, and how to find out if your casual dating partner wants more. I don’t even mean just sex (which is great); I mean we’re both relaxed and it’s so enjoyable just lying together, talking about our days and cuddling.

His father is a lot like this and I think it may just be a personality trait that runs in the family.

One guy friend told me he really appreciates it when a girl drops the “friends” card.

Something like, “Thanks for the date; we should totally be food friends and get some others to join us next time we want to sample sushi!

I think the relationship could have great potential, but right now it’s not too serious and we’re just enjoying each other’s company.

My question is when and how do I tell him that I think cohabitation before marriage and premarital sex are wrong?

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Going incommunicado when you aren’t interested in a second date leaves a guy hanging.

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