Youth lesson on dating

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Youth lesson on dating

Spending real face-to-face time with other people is necessary to build true friendships.It is time for you, our wonderful youth, to bring back the old definition for when young men and young women get together for a social experience.To a certain extent we determine what kind of counsel we might receive in our lives by how faithful we are to the counsel we have already been given (see Alma 12:9–11).Alma’s conversion story provides one of the clearest examples of how we can know when we have been forgiven of our sins.Through Alma’s counsel to Shiblon, we learn the power and value of steadfastness in our lives.

Avoid going on frequent dates with the same person.It might be a good idea to split them up and do them on 3 different occasions. Help your teen understand that it isn’t healthy to get in serious relationships before reaching a certain maturity level. Setting all of these expectations early will set you up for success. What kinds of activities are ok, and what would make them uncomfortable?We’ve thrown in ideas for activities and some fabulous resources to help you out as well! As we get older, dating becomes more about finding love and a companion to settle down with. This would also be a great time to have your teens think about what’s important to them when dating. Help your kids set their own personal standards and expectations for their dates, and teach them about how to be safe and make sure they respect themselves and their dates.marriage, and strongly believe that dating your spouse is crucial to your relationship! We know that good dating habits are super important, so why not start teaching them young?Your teens need to know how to treat a date with respect, engage in conversations, plan fun activities and have good manners, all skills that are needed when dating after marriage too!

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As I have had the privilege to talk with young men and young women throughout the Church, I have often heard that while a great many of you are interested in building better friendships with those of the opposite sex, you often struggle with knowing exactly how to make that happen.

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